Australian Risk Services Incident Investigation Training

ICAM Investigation Tool

ICAM is an easy-to-use, effective, proven system to guide experienced & novice investigators to the root causes of adverse events.

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ICAM Training

Australian Risk Services provides courses designed for applying the ICAM model for investigators/facilitators. Our courses are designed for safety, operations and supervisory personnel who deal with incident investigations.

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Incident training doesn't just cover ICAM, ARS teaches a range of useful models and tools.

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Australian Risk Servics is a multi-faceted company based in Australia that provides Occupational Health & Safety consulting, Risk Assessment and training services. We work closely with organisations to develop and implement effective and sustainable improvements in Occupational Health and Safety performance, Risk management and investigative procedures.

While everyone works their hardest to avoid workplace injuries, accidents do still happen. In order to learn from accidents in your workplace, Australia Risk Services provides a course for those people who will have the responsibility for investigating accidents and incidents in the workplace.
All employees who are going to be part of the investigation team, as well as supervisors who will be part of any inquiry of an incident, should undergo accident investigation training. Training is recommended for all employees so they know what to expect if they are injured or witness an incident. They will know that the purpose of the inquiry is purely to prevent another incident from occurring and not to blame someone.

The course will also cover how to reduce the risk of expensive litigation and criminal proceedings and establish the importance of correct methods of conducting an inquiry.
At the conclusion of the training course delegates will have a good understanding of the basic process. Delegates will be able to take the initiative in finding out what went wrong, why, and how to make sure it does not happen again.


This training course will help you to:

  • Develop an understanding of the relevancy of incident investigation to the risk assessment process
  • Select an appropriate investigative technique and use it to investigate incidents
  • Establish the sequence of actions and events prior to an incident, during an incident, and in the post phase of incident management
  • Analyse incidents in order to determine effective control measures that will help to prevent any recurrences.


By the end of the course participants should be able to:

  • Describe the legal requirements applicable to accident and incident investigation
  • Use suitable reporting and investigation forms
  • Identify causative factors for accidents and incidents using accident causation models
  • Investigate accidents and incidents
  • Interview witnesses and take statements
  • Prepare a report on an accident or incident
  • Describe the requirements for accident and incident reporting