Industry Experience

ARS has over 15 years of extensive industry experience

Manufacturing Companies

AGFA Australia

  • Manual handling risk assessments

ANCA Motion Technology

  • Development of Safety Management System. Risk Assessment of New Established Site

Bostik Findley

  • Various training

Bostik Findlay

  • Dangerous Goods Risk Assessment


  • Dangerous Goods Risk Assessment of Flammable Liquids

Cabot Australasia

  • Various training programs

COBSA International

  • Plant Risk Assessment


  • Plant risk assessment on Security Gate Systems for Australian Operations

Phillip Morris

  • Risk Assessment of fumigation activities


  • Plant Risk Assessments

Scale Components

  • Plant Risk Assessment on Conveyor lines

Sulzer Dowding & Mills

  • Conducted Plant Risk Assessment (RA), Manual Handling RA, Dangerous Goods RA, Hazardous Substance RA. Trained Staff in Hazard ID and Reviewed and Updated SOPs. BRP Australia. Due Diligence Audit on Sydney operations

Tridonic Atco

  • Property Security risk assessment


  • Team leader safety training

VLI Conveyors

  • Dangerous Goods Risk Assessment on Flammable Liquids and Gases

Retail Companies

Angus Robertson Book Stores & Borders Books

  • Manual Handling Risk assessments at retail stores. Warehouse Risk Assessment on Plant and manual handling tasks.

Bearing Services

  • Various training


  • Safety Management System Design & Auditing of all retail sites

Air Transport Companies

Ansett Air Lines

  • Enterprise risk management profile

John Holland Aviation

  • Conduct risk assessments on plant and equipment used for servicing aeroplanes.

Property Insurance Companies


  • Over 400 risk surveys for property

Heath Lambert

  • Over 100 risk surveys for property used for Underwriting purposes


  • Over 100 risk surveys for property used for underwriting purposes

Government Company

Australian Fisheries Management

  • Risk assessment on boarding domestic and foreign vessels

City of Sydney

  • Risk assessment on Water police Wharf construction (based on design plans)
  • Alexandria Canal Bike Path Assessment

City of Sydney

  • Conduct risk assessments on shared pathway for Sydney CBD.

City of Sydney

  • Risk Assessments on Glebe Town Hall, Tabernacle and Central City Carpark, Waterloo Oval Youth Complex, Prince Alfred Pool Upgrade, KU Frances Newton Pre School Upgrade

City of Sydney

  • Risk Assessment on the design plans for Waterloo Youth Centre

City of Sydney

  • Burton Street Tabernacle Risk Assessment of Design Plans


  • Conducted over 100 plant risk assessments on specialised plant used for wool research and developed *Safe Operating Procedures for the same for the purpose of selling the equipment

Government Architects Office

  • Botany Viewing Platform Risk Assessment on design

Stonnington Council

  • Tree risk management program.
  • Development of risk criteria for rating trees that pose a risk to the public
  • Manual Handling Risk Assessments

StreetsAhead (Port Phillip Bay)

  • Manual Handling Risk Assessments

Financial Companies

AXA Australia

  • Disaster Recovery Plan and Business Continuity Plan

Mining Companies

Altius Mining

  • Provision of Corporate Governance Advice on Setting Up Board Operations.

Bechtel Mining

  • Risk Assessment Training

Dominion Gold

  • Incident Investigation training
  • Due Diligence
  • Safety Auditing of entire Underground Mining Operations

GBS Gold Mines

  • Whole Mine risk assessment on open cut and underground operations


  • ICAM Incident Investigation Training


  • AS 4801 Safety Audit
  • Trained Staff in ICAM Incident Investigation Training

Iluka Resources

  • Delivery of Design Risk Assessment Training.

Morning Star Gold

  • Plant Risk Assessment of Crushing Operations.

Morning Star Gold Mine

  • Safety Audit of Underground Mining operations

Resolute Mining

  • Compliance System Audit in Queensland & Africa

Xstrata Copper Mine

  • Safety culture survey program on all copper refinery processes

Yallourn Mine

  • Risk Assessment on conveyor system for open cut coal mine

Process and Production Companies

BHP Minerva Gas Plant

  • 2 Day Isolation Course in Process Equipment Isolation

BHP Nickel Refinery/Patrick

  • Risk assessment on processes

Transport and Logistics Companies

Brambles Forklifts

  • Risk assessments on all operational activities
  • SafetyMap Auditing

CHEP Automotive

  • ISO 14000 Environmental Program
  • SafetyMap Auditing
  • ISO 9000 Quality Program
  • Conduct auditing for environmental and quality
  • Training in Hazard ID
  • Manual Handling
  • Supervisor Lined Mgt. Plant, Manual Handling
  • Hazardous Substance
  • Working at Heights
  • Noise Risk Assessments

CHEP Pallets

  • SafetyMap Auditing.
  • Conduct auditing for environmental and quality.
  • Training in Hazard ID
  • Manual Handling
  • Supervisor Lined Mgt.
  • Plant, Manual Handling
  • Hazardous Substance
  • Working at Heights
  • Noise Risk Assessments

Hino Trucks

  • Plant Risk Assessment on trucks being sold.


  • Development of Group safety Management system for Australia and Asia

Patrick Corporation

  • SafetyMap Compliance Auditing across all sites including Terminals
  • Port Link, Logistics, Container Parks for Self Insurance purposes in NSW and Victoria

Patrick Logistics

  • Risk assessments for plant, manual handling,hazardous substances, confined space, noise & safetyMap auditing in NSW, Qld, Tasmania & Perth.
  • Hazard ID Training

Patrick Port Logistics

  • Gap Assessment on New Model National OHS Act & Regulations 2012

Recall Australia

  • National training in Ergonomics, Supervisor line Mgt & Hazard ID.
  • Risk assessments in plant, manual handling, hazardous substances, working at heights and ergonomics.
  • Writing of safety procedures

Sea Road Holdings

  • Develop on line induction program for Visitors, Contractors & Employees

Sea Road Logistics

  • Design of Safety Management System

Toll DX

  • Risk Assessments in Manual Handling, Plant, Hazardous Substances, Noise, Ergonomics

Total Care Logistics

  • Develop on line induction program for Visitors, Contractors & Employees

Service Industry Companies

Bremner Glass

  • Plant risk assessment
  • Manual Handling
  • Development of Safety System


  • Due diligence Environmental Audit & Safety Audit.
  • Dangerous Goods and Prescribed waste based

Coates Hire

  • ISO 14001 Training

Concrete Connect

  • Plant Risk Assessment Concrete Pumps

Daimler Chrysler Motors

  • Safety committee training program for engine building operations

Waste Management Companies


  • Legal Due Diligence audit covering state and federal laws covering safety and environmental risk


  • Plant, Manual Handling Risk Assessment on vehicle & workshop activities
  • Kerb Side Accreditation program
  • National Computerised Induction
  • Fatigue Management Training for 400 drivers

City Wide (Melbourne City Council)

  • Safety culture survey across all operational areas of the business

City Wide (Melbourne City Council)

  • Plant Risk Assessments on 100 pieces of plant.

Food Manufacturing Companies

Baiada and Steggles Chicken

  • Conducted Risk Assessment Training in Plant;
  • Manual Handling,
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Working at Heights
  • Noise
  • Hazardous Substances
  • Confined Spaces.

Baiada Group

  • Audit national operations against AS 4801 Safety Management Systems.

Bead foods

  • Plant
  • Manual Handling
  • Heights, Confined Space
  • Hazardous Substance
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Noise Risk Assessments
  • Development of Safe Operating Procedures.

Classic Foods

  • Plant Risk Assessment on all Production facilities

Dairy Farmers

  • Plant Risk Assessment on all production facilities

Dairy Technical Services

  • AS 4801 Safety Audit.
  • Risk Assessment Training
  • Hazard ID Training
  • Spill Kit Training
  • ICAM Incident Investigation Training
  • Risk Assessments on Plant
  • Ergonomic setup of labs
  • Manual Handling,
  • Heights Risk Assessment.

Fonterra New Zealand

  • Risk assessments on Tetra Pak Production Line

Fresh Cheese

  • Manual Handling Risk Assessments
  • Dangerous Goods Risk Assessments
  • Hazardous Substance Risk Assessment
  • Development of Safety Management System
  • Hazard ID Training


  • Plant Risk Assessments on all production facilities

Heinz Wattie’s Australia

  • Hazardous Substance Training

Kentucky Fried Chicken

  • Warehouse Risk Assessment

Montana Foods

  • Manual Handling Risk Assessments
  • Plant Risk Assessments
  • Working at Heights Risk Assessments
  • Dangerous Goods Risk Assessments
  • Hazardous Substance Risk Assessments
  • Development of Safety Management System
  • Hazard ID Training

Murray Goulburn

  • Plant Risk Assessment on all production facilities


  • Competency based training in Walkie Staker and Pallet Mover Forklifts
  • Confined Space training

Parmalat Milk

  • Trained Staff in conducting Safety Walk Thru Audits

Simplot Australia

  • SafetyMap Compliance Auditing on 7 plant sites across the country

Sugar Australia

  • Conduct Isolation Training for the shutting down of plant for maintenance.

Tetra Pak

  • Plant Risk Assessments on all equipment brought into the country
  • Safety Program Development and Safety Training.
  • New site risk review of property and operational activities.

Vita Soy

  • Plant Risk Assessment on all Production Facilities